MindForge Platform Features

User Profile

User can input job history.

User can input professional certifications and licenses.

User can input skills.

User can upload images of training certificates and records.

User can input languages.

User can input education.

User can add personal photo.

User can add region.

Platform suggests job postings to user based on profile data (if the user is not employed with a contractor / employer).

Platform suggests to users which organizations to connect with based profile data.

Platform suggests to the user job and safety training that addresses gaps in the users training and certification profile.

Platform sends user notifications relevant to users profile.

Profiles will be available on all platforms; mobile and desktop.

Platform sends user a notification to alert user when new, relevant training is available based on users profile.

Platform sends a notification to alert user when training requirements have changed for training the user currently has completed or is in the process of completing. 

Platform allows user to associate with companies and organizations.

Organization Profiles (companies, unions, other groups)

Platform allows organization to input and publicly showcase company info, company announcements, employee profiles, job openings, internal training materials, company calendars.

Platform allows for three levels of company profile administration; owner, admin, supervisor.

Platform allows owner and admin to set up “job site” in Site-Smart.

Platform allows admin to assign supervisor role for a specific job site. 


Allows user to connect with other users.

Allows users to connect with organizations (user profiles associated with contractor organization will not be public). 

Platform allows user to join organizations. 

Platform allows user to view profiles of individuals in their network.

Platform allows admins and supervisors to query the MindForge database for profiles using skills, certifications and other profile attributes to find internal or external users with the appropriate experience for a particular job opening. 

Platform allows users to search job openings posted by organizations. 

Platform allows organizations to send  messages to users that belong to their organization. 

Platform displays a newsfeed for users. The newsfeed displays messages generated by the MindForge Platform engine and organizations the user associates with.

Platform allows users to link their profile to organizations by sending a request, which admin will approve.

Platform allows organizations to invite users to associate with their organization, which user will approve.

User profile associated with company will no longer be visible to other companies.


Site-Smart allows organizations to create “job sites” associated with their organizational profile.

Site-Smart allows organizational admin and supervisor to assign profiles (users) to job sites. 

Site-Smart allows admin to place scheduled events on a users calendar.

Site-Smart allows admin to assign supervisors to administer a job site. 

Site-Smart allows job site supervisor to assign training as well as send updates, notifications safety alerts to the users associated with the job site. 

Site-Smart allows users associated with the job site to see his schedule for a job. 

Site-Smart allows users to invite profiles not associated with company / organization to join the job site. e.g. subcontractors

Site-Smart allows job site supervisors to create a page representing a job site.

Site-Smart allows job site supervisors to post announcements e.g. safety alerts, required training, required PPE to job site page

Site-Smart allows job site supervisors to create groups of users within a job site.

Site Smart displays weather conditions for job site 

Site Smart displays parking information with directions (entered by supervisor).

Site Smart displays daily work schedules (entered by supervisor).

Site Smart allows supervisor to store project documents.

Site Smart allows supervisor to file safety incident reports.

Site-Smart allows job site supervisors to file employee safety rating (kudos).

Site-Smart allows job site supervisors to post job openings for particular job site - on public site that will be viewable by users not associated with other companies.

Site-Smart allows job site supervisors to post job posting to the job site calendar and enter dates the work is required. 

Site-Smart will surface training gaps for a job site.

Site-Smart allows job site supervisors to query MindForge network for users with appropriate skills and training. 

Site-Smart allows users to accept hiring invitation from job site supervisor. If the user accepts,  job times and locations are automatically put on calendar and user gains access to job site page. 


Platform allows users and organizations to send real time messages to other users. 

Platform allows organizations to send messages to all users associated with their organization, to workers associated with a job site and groups within a job site.

Platform allows companies and organizations to push notifications to a phone if the mindforge app is installed.


Calendar populates users calendar with dates for when training is due, certifications expire. 

Calendar populates users calendar with dates and times for work and specific events like safety huddles and site walks, etc. (after user accepts job site invite).

Calendar allows user to accept, reject or reply to a calendar alert. 

Calendar allows organizational admins to schedule events, establish due dates, schedule project dates and times. 

Calendar allows organizational admins to make a scheduled event visible to all company members or some members or it can be a private event. 

Calendar allows organizational admins to turn on push notifications to remind users about events. 

Calendar allows organizational admins to receive notifications if a user is overdue on training or has expired certifications. 

MindForge Library

All users have access to the MindForge public library where they can purchase training content.

Library allows organizations to upload and distribute their training content only to users associated with their organizations. 

Users can access training content assigned to them by the organizations they belong to. 

Admins and supervisors can purchase training products from the mindforge store and assign the training to users that are associated with their organizations. 

Library tracks user progress for all training content distributed through MindForge and manages badging. 

Digital Training

Platform distributes third party training content. 

Platform allows organizational admins to upload training (using upload button) to open market and sell (after approval). 

Platform supports a variety of training formats; PDFs, SCORM files, Videos and VR applications.