MindForge Update No. 14 by Stokes McIntyre


Stokes and Shahin recently spent a day in Indianapolis, onboarding members of Pepper Indiana to the MindForge platform. Thank you, Dave Murphy and Pepper Indiana! Different people across an organization will interact with the platform. So, Stokes and Shahin met with an HR Lead, the Marketing and Internal Communications Director, a superintendent, a labor foreman, and a carpentry foreman to help them create MindForge profiles and show them how to interact with the platform. As we enter our testing phase, we hope to receive valuable feedback on how well the platform fits the needs of people in different roles throughout an organization. To help new users get accommodated to the platform, we’ll also be sending out training exercises that show them how to take advantage of different features on mindforge.studio. Through these exercises, we’ll be able to track how easily the platform is adopted and see the various ways managers and frontline workers use the site. We hope to begin onboarding other design partners in the new year, so reach out to Stokes at Stokes.M@IRMI.com if you’re interested in taking part!

We’ve also begun exploring ways to package features of the platform in order to sell feature bundles to groups that might use mindforge.studio to fill different needs. Here’s a link to a worksheet that outlines our three initial packages: MindForge Platform Capabilities Packages


Our first efforts to deliver the MindForge platform as a mobile app are well-underway. This initial push is focused on being able to sign in, create and update your user profile, and to take pictures of your certifications and upload them. This will provide workers with easy access to their profiles and allow them to update their profiles effortlessly.

CLS Safety Awareness

We recently released a new version of CLS Safety Awareness that includes updates to how we bundle our 3D assets, making the simulations run faster on your device. We continue to refine our simulations for the remaining seven Life Saving Commitments that we plan to produce, and we have now recorded and re-recorded all our video lessons, utilizing all the helpful notes and feedback we’ve received from our first release. We are now editing these videos and also gearing up to shoot the remaining story videos that tell about real lives lost and otherwise affected by Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIFs) on the job site. So, keep an eye out for new content and other updates within CLS Safety Awareness as we enter the new year.

Also, be on the lookout for the CLS Safety Awareness app to hit the Apple App Store and Google Play as we begin the process of deploying the training through those sites.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s our newest promo video for CLS Safety Awareness!

CLS Signal Person Training:

The full suite of hand signal lessons is now available in CLS Signal Person Training! That means if you are set up with SPT, you have access to the introductory hand signal lesson and drills; the practice lessons where you get to use the hand signals to help you perform different tasks, deal with crane limitations, and handle hazardous scenarios; and our checkout mode that administers a rapid-fire test to see how well you know the standard hand signals. Many of you already have access to CLS Signal Person Training, so test it out and let us know what you think!

CLS Personal Fall Arrest System:

The first pass of CLS Harness is complete. We are now working on refinements as we push toward a prototype to release in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, CLS Lanyard is getting underway. This training module will be divided into three segments. The first will teach users about the different lanyards they could encounter on the job and discusses various connectors. Next, users will learn how to properly inspect a lanyard before putting it to use. Lastly, they’ll work on free fall and fall clearance distance calculations, and they’ll get a chance to practice selecting the proper lanyard for the job in a virtual environment.

Future products currently in the design phase include CLS Anchor Point and the CLS PFAS Test that will incorporate information from all three modules and provide the CLS PFAS Certification to those who pass.

Other News:

Our newest team member is set to join us on December 17. Garrett Rumschik is our Junior Developer/QA Analyst; he will be responsible for constantly testing all our products to ensure quality.

In addition, we are beginning a new experiment with Trivie. Trivie is a group that creates quizzing apps that make use of artificial intelligence to help learners retain knowledge. We would like to work with one of our design partners to test this initiative. If any of you would be willing to send our quiz to 50-100 of your workers, we would like to use Trivie to get a baseline understanding of workers’ knowledge about working at heights over the course of 30 days. From what we find through this study, we will be able to shape our training to focus on the areas of greatest need. Please contact Stokes.M@IRMI.com if you would like to help with this effort.

Finally, we want to wish you all well this holiday season! We are thankful for all of you and are excited to continue working with you into the new year!

All the best,

The MindForge Team

MindForge Update No. 13 by Stokes McIntyre

CLS Personal Fall Arrest System:

As we race toward the first full releases for our Construction LifeSaver Safety Awareness and Signal Person Training courses, we’ve started developing the newest course in the CLS suite: Construction LifeSaver Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS). This course will be broken down into three discrete courses - CLS Harness, CLS Lanyard, and CLS Anchor Point. Workers will be able to take any one of these courses in order to receive a CLS certification in a given sub-topic. Then once workers go through all three courses, they will have the opportunity to pass a final PFAS test in order to gain their CLS PFAS certification.

Currently, we are building out the CLS Harness course, which teaches workers how to select the right harness for the job, how to inspect a harness for damage, and how to properly don and wear a full body harness. Our CLS virtual instructor, Sam, returns to lead workers through their training, while workers also get a chance to practice what they learn by interacting with a 3-D model of a harness in the training environment. CLS Lanyard and CLS Anchor Point will pick up where CLS Harness leaves off to take workers through the proper selection, care, and use of the remaining two components of any personal fall arrest system.

This is the first product we will be releasing on both mobile and virtual reality platforms. It also leads us into a new phase of production at MindForge, where we focus on rapid iterations of new training programs. As we’ve worked on Safety Awareness and Signal Person Training over the last year, we’ve developed our processes and faced the challenges of creating long-form courses aimed at standardized certification. Now, we’re taking all we’ve learned and putting it in service of making smaller training courses that we can get out faster in order to save lives sooner. Breaking these courses down into bite-size chunks helps us to do just that.


The MindForge Platform team is prepared for the anticipated wave of new users coming in as we onboard design partners into the system. We are ready to address any issues and adapt the Platform to better meet user needs as feedback filters in. If you haven’t yet built your company profile, you can do so by going to mindforge.studio. If you have questions about setting up a profile, contact Stokes at Stokes.M@IRMI.com.

Behind the scenes, the Platform team continues to expand course functionality so that organizations may add multiple files to a single course and group multiple courses into a course collection that they can then assign to team members. For example, if an organization has multiple training courses for new hires, they can group those courses into a collection, give it a name like “Onboarding Training,” and assign it to new team members all at once.

CLS Safety Awareness & CLS Signal Person Training:

As mentioned above, we are pushing towards our first full release for both SA and SPT in an effort to get these courses in the hands of workers and safety professionals to test efficacy and receive user feedback. Much of the work we’re doing right now involves filling out the last bit of course content, recording new videos, and polishing everything so the courses run smoothly and function properly. Keep an eye out for updates about new releases coming soon!

Other News:

Stokes and Shahin just wrapped up the IRMI Construction Risk Conference, where they had a booth set up to showcase the MindForge product line. This capped off a busy few months of attending and speaking at various construction safety conferences. So far, we’ve received positive feedback and also feedback that helps us focus our efforts. It’s been an exciting run these last couple months, and we’re looking forward to keeping the momentum going with new products and continued interaction with the men and women we serve.

Last year we worked with a behavioral research firm called MadPow to help us understand the best ways for us to shape our products to meet workers’ needs. At this year's Construction Risk Conference, IRMI released a report showcasing findings from MadPow’s research. This report outlines a number of important principles we’ve embraced at MindForge and offers a number of insights that apply all across the construction industry. You can read the report here.

Recently, the MindForge team drafted a guide for creating high-quality in-house videos within your company or organization. Video has become an important tool for organizational communication, and there are a few simple tips and tricks we’d like to share with you to help your efforts. You can read this guide here.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions!

Thank you,

The MindForge Team

MindForge Update No. 12 by Stokes McIntyre

Here’s another quick update from the MindForge team!

CLS Safety Awareness:

We recently released an update for the Safety Awareness app. The new build includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements, mostly aimed at improving video streaming quality and speed.

Behind the scenes, we continue to build out new lessons to add to our existing prototype, which for now includes introductory videos and quizzes as well as a full lesson on Working at Heights. The new lessons will touch on seven other deadly hazards ranging from Hazardous Energy to Confined Spaces to Struck-By Hazards. We will also record new videos for the existing lessons very soon, so be on the look-out for those.

Remember, we are looking for safety professionals and frontline workers who are interested in testing CLS Safety Awareness. If you’d like to see what we’ve built and give us your feedback, please email Stokes McIntyre at Stokes.M@IRMI.com.

CLS Signal Person Training:

Five new lessons are now available for Signal Person Training! These cover a wide range of subjects, including boom deflection, taglines, side loading, rated capacity, and moving the crane while dealing with unsafe ground conditions. Each lesson teaches users what they need to know about one of these topics by giving them hands-on experience in our virtual reality environment. Ultimately, we expect this kind of training will allow signal persons to react instinctively on the job site when hazards arise.

As we move forward, we continue to develop our Checkout mode that supervisors will be able to use to quickly test how well their signal persons know the standard signals, and we are finishing our three additional lessons, which revolve around other hazards associated with moving cranes and performing pick and carry operations.

As always, if you have access to SPT, check out our new lessons and let us know what you think. If you want to get hold of SPT so you can jump in and test it, email Stokes McIntyre at Stokes.M@IRMI.com.


Things are rolling along for the MindForge Platform, which has now been live for the last few weeks! Once again, we invite you to visit mindforge.studio to set up your company profile.

One feature we have recently been working on is adding functionality that enables team leaders to create training courses that contain multiple files and/or videos. This will help leaders make sure their team or organization can view all the information they need in one place. We are also updating how we track course completion so supervisors can get a more accurate assessment of which team members view the material.

The process of creating the MindForge Platform mobile app is underway as well. This app will give you all the same functionality of mindforge.studio on your Android or iOS mobile device.

If your company wants to join the MindForge Platform, Stokes and Shahin are eager to come to you and take you step-by-step through the onboarding process. All you need to do is contact Stokes at Stokes.M@IRMI.com to schedule a visit.

General Updates:

Shahin and Stokes had a great time visiting with The Hill Group out of Chicago to discuss implementing and testing MindForge and the CLS training programs throughout their organization and on their job sites. This comes after meeting with the Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) in Las Vegas to tour their training facility and discuss MindForge’s various initiatives. The CITF indicated they would be open to their members creating profiles on the MindForge platform.

Up next, Shahin and Stokes are looking forward to meeting with other industry professionals at the IRMI Construction Risk Conference, which will be held November 4-7. There they will have a booth where they will be demonstrating SPT, CLS SA, and the MindForge Platform.

mannequin adjust6.png

*Sneak Peek: We’ve begun developing our next training project which takes a deep dive into the specifics of staying safe while working at heights. Our first lessons, which will be available in both mobile and VR formats, will revolve around the proper use of personal fall arrest systems. Be on the lookout for more updates in the coming weeks!

Thanks again for all you do, and let us know if you have any questions!

The MindForge Team

MindForge Update No. 11 by Stokes McIntyre

Hope you all have been well. Here’s an update for you.

CLS Safety Awareness:

We’ve completed the prototype for CLS Safety Awareness on both Android and iOS. The prototype includes introductory lessons that cover everything from basic psychology to workers’ rights, and it includes our working at heights training.

CLS SA is a mobile app that aims to improve workers’ situational awareness on the job site. Instruction takes the form of short video lessons, quizzes, and micro-documentaries telling true stories about job site fatalities. The training culminates in an OODA Loop simulator where workers will have to Observe an active job site, Orient to deadly hazards, Decide how to respond, and Act to mitigate each hazard. CLS SA targets eight of the deadliest hazards in the construction industry: Working at Heights, Excavations, Hazardous Energy, Caught-Between Hazards, Struck-By Hazards, Confined Spaces, Mobile Equipment, and Securing Loads.

For our prototype, we have recorded a number of the test videos that provide lesson content. By the end of October, we will re-record these with revised scripts and higher production value, and we’ll shoot the rest of our lesson videos to fill out our training. Currently, we are also creating the quizzes and OODA simulators for the remaining seven hazardous situations.

We are excited to put our prototype in the hands of safety professionals and front line workers for testing. Of primary interest is seeing how well the training resonates with front line workers and learning if safety professionals would be comfortable assigning this training to their teams. If you are interested in testing CLS SA, please email Stokes McIntyre at Stokes.M@IRMI.com.

CLS Signal Person Training:

In recent weeks, we have added another scenario to our CLS Signal Person Training to explain the dangers of dynamic unloading. In the coming weeks, we aim to add several more scenarios that introduce workers to taglines, capacity charts, side-loading, and more. We’re also in the process of adding a checkout mode that will allow companies to quickly test how well their signalers know the standard hand signals. Signalers will be asked to recall each of the signals on the spot, and their supervisors will get the results showing what signals they got right and which ones they got wrong.

Our developers have finished implementing crane destruction throughout our training, which means if you push the crane past its operational limits, the crane will come crashing down right in front of you. This functionality allows us to take full advantage of the virtual reality environment, where we can show destructive forces at work without endangering workers or racking up massive costs. We’ve also just implemented a new menu system that will allow trainees to navigate through their training, find help, and access pertinent information with greater ease.

All these new features are available on CLS SPT now. If you already have access to SPT, check out our improvements and let us know what you think. If you don’t have SPT but would like to test it out, you can once again email Stokes McIntyre at Stokes.M@IRMI.com.

One other exciting piece of VR-related news is that Oculus has announced they’ll be releasing a new wireless VR system called the Oculus Quest in 2019. The Oculus Quest does not require a computer to run applications, so it could prove to be much easier and more cost-effective for us as we look to deploy virtual reality training on job sites. We can’t wait to take advantage of these new developments.


The base functionality of the MindForge Platform is now live! We invite you to visit mindforge.studio to set up your company profile.

For our part, we are ready to set dates to onboard your company. Shahin and Stokes can visit your company for half a day to help you get set up. Contact Stokes at Stokes.M@IRMI.com to schedule a visit.

We’ve also set up this page where you can view a series of short video tutorials to get a sense of the various features you’ll be able to use through our site.

General Updates:

In two weeks, we’ll be joined by our newest MindForge team member, Mobile Developer Danny Oancea. Danny will be in charge of creating a mobile app to house the MindForge platform.

Stokes and Shahin had great discussions at the ACIG Safety Claims Meeting and the AGC of Indiana Safety Technology Forum this past month. Industry professionals nationwide continue to express excitement about all that MindForge is doing and the many possibilities we can explore in the coming years.

As we get closer to hitting our delivery goals we grow more and more enthusiastic about seeing our products in action and receiving feedback about where we can go next.

Thank you for your continued support!

The MindForge Team

MindForge Update No. 10 by Stokes McIntyre

Our team has been on fire here in Columbus. Here’s an update:


The platform team is steaming towards the delivery of the baseline functionality for Mindforge this fall. While this delivery will include mobile friendly functionality, in 2019, all functionality will be optimized for mobile devices.


Specifically, over the last month, we added functionality that allows you to assign individual profiles within your organization to teams and assign those team to job sites. Once employers assign teams to a job, they will be able to assign those teams training as well as have insight into the training the team currently has.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how a project supervisor can assign a training requirement to a job site and see if there are any training gaps.

On a high level, the MindForge Platform will allow contractors and owners to:

  • Know what training and certifications workers have on a jobsite.

  • Discover training gaps on a jobsite and close gaps by assigning training.

  • Buy training from the marketplace.

  • Assign and track new training to the entire job site or specific teams of workers.

  • Communicate with the whole job site or a particular team of workers (Messages, hazards, weather, PPE)

  • Sell training on the marketplace to offset the cost of development and production.

CLS Safety Awareness

We released the CLS SA prototype to Android devices last week. Apple has a longer release timeline for new products. We will be sending out invites out to Design Partners  to test the iOS app soon.

We’ll be making some tweaks to the prototype next week to prepare it for external testing. The prototype includes introduction videos and quizzes that teach workers how the brain can work for and against us on this job site, how to form good habits, how to apply the OODA Loop and workers rights. The prototype then takes the user through OODA training focused on working at heights culminating in an OODA simulator where the worker can practice going through the OODA process. Here’s a video that demonstrates the simulator.

If you are on an android device, you can search the Google Play Store on your device for Construction LifeSaver and download an early version of the prototype. We’ll be releasing improvements to the content and user experience every couple of weeks.


CLS Signal Person

We added course reset functionality to the MindForge platform that allows the user to reset progress on a course. This will allow us to quickly demonstrate Signal Person at conferences using one account. If you want to get some guys into Signal Person to try it, this functionality will allow you to do so quickly.

We are two scenarios away from completing the full suite of content for the hand signal portion of CLS: SPT. We’ve also been working on system and menu upgrades to enhance the training and user experience. One of the enhancements we’ve been focusing on is what we call “crane destruction.” This functionality causes cranes to crash down if you take the crane past its limitations. The first time I saw a crane crashing down next to me, I jumped back yelled, “Whoa!”. Here’s a video of a crane suffering from dynamic unloading.

After we complete the Hand Signal Portion of CLS: SPT, we’ll move on to audible signals and voice signals. We aim to make CLS: SPT an approved 3rd party evaluator of Signal Person Qualifications.

Here’s a latest Signal Person Training demo video:

General Updates:

We have a busy fall ahead of us with a number of presentations scheduled.

September 19 - ACIG Safety Claims Meeting - we will be presenting our research findings and our progress on our efforts to build training and technology that will help reduce SIFs. Thanks for the invite ACIG.

September 26 - AGC of Indiana Health and Safety Forum where we will co-presenting with Purdue University on the subject of Virtual Reality technology and its impact on safety training. Thanks to Dave Murphy for connecting us with Purdue and the AGC of Indiana.

October 8 - Carpenters International Training Fund where we will present Mindforge, tour the CITF’s training facility and discuss how the Carpenters Union and MindForge can collaborate to reduce SIFs. Thank you, Gregg Brady, for helping us get this meeting set up.

November 4 to 7 - IRMI Construction Risk Conference where we will have a VR demo booth and give a presentation on the final day - details TBD. Thanks for having us IRMI.

We are looking forward to getting out there, talking about MindForge and getting feedback.

All the Best,

The MindForge Team

MindForge Update No. 9 by Stokes McIntyre

Hope your July was great. The MindForge Team continues to make progress. Here’ an update:

The MindForge Platform

Our platform team is currently working on functionality that allows organizations to create teams and assign training to those teams. Organizations will then be able to assign those teams to a MindForge Jobsite. We are also working on the “ course decay” feature which lets workers know when they need to refresh their training. We continue to implement designs delivered by our website design partner, Iron Creative.

We encourage to head over to MindForge.Studio and create your MindForge profile. Once you create your profile, you can navigate through the platform and check it out.

We are still on track to deliver all baseline functionality and design by the end of August. At that time, we’ll begin intensive testing.

CLS Safety Awareness (SA)

Our training engineering team, what we call our “client team” is working on CLS SA prototype which is focused Working at Heights. Over the past month, we’ve iterated the OODA simulator and added a menus system. By the next update, I’ll be able to point you to an app that you can download to try it out.

We’ve also been hard at work to release a prototype of the videos that will be part of CLS SA. Our research showed that storytelling can be a powerful means to keep safety top of mind for workers. This finding indeed emanates from the availability heuristic. The availability heuristic is a mental shortcut that relies on immediate examples that come to a given person's mind when evaluating a specific topic, concept, method or decision. One tenant of the availability heuristic states that “we remember things better when they come in a vivid narrative.” So, by creating vivid narratives/stories of construction accidents and how the accidents affect the loved ones of the deceased, we aim to make the importance of safety easy to recall or available in the workers' mind. So the more accessible the concept of "safety first," the more likely a worker is to make the safe choice. You can read more about the availability heuristic here.

Here’s a story video we produced for working at heights.

CLS Signal Person Training VR (SPT)

We’ve made a ton of progress on SPT. Our prototype is now 100% complete, and the first release of the program is 40% complete - with many new scenarios near completion. The new scenarios coming online that teach crane physics like wind effects, dynamic loading, crane radius, and boom angle. Users will see what happens when they push the crane beyond its limits.

We are also working on SPT Drills where Sam, the trainer, calls out signals that the user must demonstrate. In the drills, there are no hints, so it tests the users' recall of the signals. The drills could be used as a “check out ride” for new signalers on a job.

We continue to test and iterate SPT  If you would like for your company to join the testing, let Stokes know, and he can work with your team to get set up. This video walks you how to gain access to SPT.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for your continued support!

Thank you!

The MindForge Team

MindForge Update No. 8 by Stokes McIntyre

Hope you are having a great summer so far. Here’s the June MindForge Update.

MindForge Platform

The platform team has been working hard to get SiteSmart functionality in place and SiteSmart is now live on mindforge.studio. SiteSmart allows contractors to set up Jobsites to manage workforce training and communications for specific construction projects.

We are also implementing user experience designs that will make MindForge more user friendly. You can see some of these new designs in the latest release. Design implementation is a work in progress. As we march towards the end of the year you’ll see more of these designs implemented.

Screenshot 2018-06-25 17.26.26.png

Also, with this new release, more pages are mobile friendly. This feature will allow workers to interact with MindForge using their smartphones while in the field.

We are still targeting September 2018 to deliver all of the platform’s baseline functionality. In the final quarter of 2018, we’ll be working on enhancements and ecommerce.

We encourage you to visit mindforge.studio, setup a profile and poke around in the application. Here are some videos that walk you through how to set up an organization page and accept an invite.

How to Create an Organization

How to Accept Invite From Organization

We’ll be reaching out to the design partners to conduct functionality testing.

CLS Safety Awareness (CLS SA)

CLS SA is our training program that teaches workers how to be more situationally aware. The program focuses on making the OODA loop a habit and reinforcing a worker’s safety knowledge. CLS SA adheres to The Construction LifeSaver training concept that we’ve developed based on our research. You can read more about the CLS concept here:


The CLS SA program is comprised of videos, quizzes and the OODA simulator. The OODA simulator places the worker into a virtual job site and asks them to step through the OODA process where they will observe their environment, orient to hazards they see, decide how to mitigate them and then act to make the safety changes needed. Once users go through the OODA, they will get feedback on their actions…did they make the job site safe or not? This program is targeted for mobile devices but will also be available in VR.

We are currently wrapping up a proof of concept for the OODA Simulator and we’ve completed prototypes for the general knowledge and Working at Heights videos.

We aim to release modules for 8 Life Saving Commitments by the end of 2018 and then modules covering 4 more Life Saving Commitments in 2019.

We’ve started with the CLS SA Working at Heights Module as our prototype. This prototype is 57% complete with a delivery date in August. We’ll make this prototype available for testing and feedback.


Signal Person Training VR (SPT)

We are working towards a First Release of SPT that we aim to launch before the end of 2018. The First Release will contain the content necessary to help a worker pass both the written and practical NCCCO Signaler Certification Exams.

Content for the First Release is 80% complete. 29% of SPT is shippable at this point. With each new scenario our development team is learning how produce scenarios more quickly.

Some of the new SPT scenarios that are coming online teach signalers about wind effects, two-blocking, crane radius and drift.

Screenshot 2018-06-25 17.07.59.jpg
Screenshot 2018-06-25 17.18.47.jpg
Screenshot 2018-06-25 17.10.55.jpg
Screenshot 2018-06-25 17.08.43.jpg

One of the things that we’ve learned through testing is that not only can SPT help workers become proficient, safe signalers and help them pass the certification exam, SPT can also be used as a check out tool to onboard new workers on a job site. Some signalers bring “signal slang” onto job sites. SPT can be used to “check out” experienced signalers on the OSHA standard signals to insure standard signals are being used on site.

Two design partners, Pepper and Pankow, are actively testing SPT and we are receiving great feedback from them. We are very grateful for their input. This feedback helps us to improve the SPT experience as we move through development. If you would like for your company to join the testing, let Stokes know and he can work with your team to get set up. This video walks you how to get access to SPT. http://www.constructionlifesaver.live/spt-access

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. 

Thank you for your continued support!

The MindForge Team













MindForge Update VII by Stokes McIntyre

I hope you have been well. 
MindForge has been cranking. Here are some updates. 

MindForge Platform

The personal profile, organizational profile, training library and messaging functionality is now live on mindforge.studio. We are currently testing additional functionality on our development site that includes jobsite management and calendaring through site-smart. As we test the new functionality we’ll be moving it to the public site. The public site is now mobile friendly! 

Here are a few specific platform items we’ve been working on that will be coming soon to the public site:

  • The ability to search certifications that have been uploaded to profiles. For example, you can conduct a search for a certified signal person in your organization and see profiles of individuals with the signaling certification. 
  • We are working on a function to set training requirements for a particular job site. For example, you could tell mindforge that everyone on a certain job needs to have OSHA 10. MindForge will tell you who doesn’t meet the requirement and send a notice the worker they need to either update their profile if their OSHA 10 is current or go take the course. 
  • We are developing job site announcements that you can send to all workers on the job or just groups of workers, including sub-contractor workers. 

If you are interested in testing out the mindforge platform with some of your workforce, you can start by watching this video on how to set up an organization and invite your employees. Link to video http://www.constructionlifesaver.live/how-to-create-an-org

CLS Awareness

CLS Awareness is a training program that focuses on teaching the OODA Loop in the context of the Life Saving Commitments. The intent of the training is to focus attention on the Life Saving Commitments and to make the OODA Loop a habit. If the training does what it’s intended, workers will be more aware on the job and more likely to spot and mitigate a hazard before it has a chance to injure them or a co-worker.  In this program, users will be placed in a virtual environment where they must identify hazards and decide how to mitigate them. 

Our first delivery will be of a prototype that includes introductory videos and the Working at Heights track. The prototype is 41% complete and we expect to have the full prototype available for testing in august. CLS Awareness will be available on mobile devices and Rift’s new Oculus Go VR headset . The Oculus Go can be purchased for $199.

Signal Person Training VR

We are two weeks away from delivering our SPT VR prototype. At that time, we will begin an effort to test CLS SPT VR on actual job sites. The prototype consists of a technical intro that teaches the user how to use the virtual reality controllers, a PPE introduction where the user must put on PPE, the Hand Signal Lesson and 5 scenarios where the user can practice signaling cranes. 

One scenario teaches about drift and asks the user to use signals to help a crane operator mitigate drift. Another scenario asks the signaler to signal from a personnel basket while being hoisted by a tower crane. 

After we’ve completed all of the SPT content, we aim to have SPT be a means to certify signalers. In the short term, we’d like to test the idea of using the SPT prototype as means to quickly train workers on the standard hand signals or give workers that already know the hand signals, a check ride if they are a employee or sub. SPT VR is currently only available for the Oculus Rift. We’ve schedule work to add support for the HTC Vive.

If you’d like to have your company, try out SPT VR you can do so by following the instructions in this video. Link to video: http://www.constructionlifesaver.live/spt-access

Other Updates

We recently hired a game designer - Cayla Ford - to translate training content into interactive designs that will play out in our virtual simulators. 

We are adopting the Lean Startup methodology described in the book Lean Startup by Eric Ries. The idea is to get early prototypes into the hands of customers to have what Ries calls “validated learning” moments to move the products towards adoption. MindForge won’t have an impact on safety if we can’t get people to adopt what we are building. As design partners, you will play a very important role in getting the essential feedback we need to create products that will make a difference. 

Thank you for your continued support! 

Stokes, Shahin and the MindForge Team