MindForge Update No. 10 / by Stokes McIntyre

Our team has been on fire here in Columbus. Here’s an update:


The platform team is steaming towards the delivery of the baseline functionality for Mindforge this fall. While this delivery will include mobile friendly functionality, in 2019, all functionality will be optimized for mobile devices.


Specifically, over the last month, we added functionality that allows you to assign individual profiles within your organization to teams and assign those team to job sites. Once employers assign teams to a job, they will be able to assign those teams training as well as have insight into the training the team currently has.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how a project supervisor can assign a training requirement to a job site and see if there are any training gaps.

On a high level, the MindForge Platform will allow contractors and owners to:

  • Know what training and certifications workers have on a jobsite.

  • Discover training gaps on a jobsite and close gaps by assigning training.

  • Buy training from the marketplace.

  • Assign and track new training to the entire job site or specific teams of workers.

  • Communicate with the whole job site or a particular team of workers (Messages, hazards, weather, PPE)

  • Sell training on the marketplace to offset the cost of development and production.

CLS Safety Awareness

We released the CLS SA prototype to Android devices last week. Apple has a longer release timeline for new products. We will be sending out invites out to Design Partners  to test the iOS app soon.

We’ll be making some tweaks to the prototype next week to prepare it for external testing. The prototype includes introduction videos and quizzes that teach workers how the brain can work for and against us on this job site, how to form good habits, how to apply the OODA Loop and workers rights. The prototype then takes the user through OODA training focused on working at heights culminating in an OODA simulator where the worker can practice going through the OODA process. Here’s a video that demonstrates the simulator.

If you are on an android device, you can search the Google Play Store on your device for Construction LifeSaver and download an early version of the prototype. We’ll be releasing improvements to the content and user experience every couple of weeks.


CLS Signal Person

We added course reset functionality to the MindForge platform that allows the user to reset progress on a course. This will allow us to quickly demonstrate Signal Person at conferences using one account. If you want to get some guys into Signal Person to try it, this functionality will allow you to do so quickly.

We are two scenarios away from completing the full suite of content for the hand signal portion of CLS: SPT. We’ve also been working on system and menu upgrades to enhance the training and user experience. One of the enhancements we’ve been focusing on is what we call “crane destruction.” This functionality causes cranes to crash down if you take the crane past its limitations. The first time I saw a crane crashing down next to me, I jumped back yelled, “Whoa!”. Here’s a video of a crane suffering from dynamic unloading.

After we complete the Hand Signal Portion of CLS: SPT, we’ll move on to audible signals and voice signals. We aim to make CLS: SPT an approved 3rd party evaluator of Signal Person Qualifications.

Here’s a latest Signal Person Training demo video:

General Updates:

We have a busy fall ahead of us with a number of presentations scheduled.

September 19 - ACIG Safety Claims Meeting - we will be presenting our research findings and our progress on our efforts to build training and technology that will help reduce SIFs. Thanks for the invite ACIG.

September 26 - AGC of Indiana Health and Safety Forum where we will co-presenting with Purdue University on the subject of Virtual Reality technology and its impact on safety training. Thanks to Dave Murphy for connecting us with Purdue and the AGC of Indiana.

October 8 - Carpenters International Training Fund where we will present Mindforge, tour the CITF’s training facility and discuss how the Carpenters Union and MindForge can collaborate to reduce SIFs. Thank you, Gregg Brady, for helping us get this meeting set up.

November 4 to 7 - IRMI Construction Risk Conference where we will have a VR demo booth and give a presentation on the final day - details TBD. Thanks for having us IRMI.

We are looking forward to getting out there, talking about MindForge and getting feedback.

All the Best,

The MindForge Team