MindForge Update No. 9 / by Stokes McIntyre

Hope your July was great. The MindForge Team continues to make progress. Here’ an update:

The MindForge Platform

Our platform team is currently working on functionality that allows organizations to create teams and assign training to those teams. Organizations will then be able to assign those teams to a MindForge Jobsite. We are also working on the “ course decay” feature which lets workers know when they need to refresh their training. We continue to implement designs delivered by our website design partner, Iron Creative.

We encourage to head over to MindForge.Studio and create your MindForge profile. Once you create your profile, you can navigate through the platform and check it out.

We are still on track to deliver all baseline functionality and design by the end of August. At that time, we’ll begin intensive testing.

CLS Safety Awareness (SA)

Our training engineering team, what we call our “client team” is working on CLS SA prototype which is focused Working at Heights. Over the past month, we’ve iterated the OODA simulator and added a menus system. By the next update, I’ll be able to point you to an app that you can download to try it out.

We’ve also been hard at work to release a prototype of the videos that will be part of CLS SA. Our research showed that storytelling can be a powerful means to keep safety top of mind for workers. This finding indeed emanates from the availability heuristic. The availability heuristic is a mental shortcut that relies on immediate examples that come to a given person's mind when evaluating a specific topic, concept, method or decision. One tenant of the availability heuristic states that “we remember things better when they come in a vivid narrative.” So, by creating vivid narratives/stories of construction accidents and how the accidents affect the loved ones of the deceased, we aim to make the importance of safety easy to recall or available in the workers' mind. So the more accessible the concept of "safety first," the more likely a worker is to make the safe choice. You can read more about the availability heuristic here.

Here’s a story video we produced for working at heights.

CLS Signal Person Training VR (SPT)

We’ve made a ton of progress on SPT. Our prototype is now 100% complete, and the first release of the program is 40% complete - with many new scenarios near completion. The new scenarios coming online that teach crane physics like wind effects, dynamic loading, crane radius, and boom angle. Users will see what happens when they push the crane beyond its limits.

We are also working on SPT Drills where Sam, the trainer, calls out signals that the user must demonstrate. In the drills, there are no hints, so it tests the users' recall of the signals. The drills could be used as a “check out ride” for new signalers on a job.

We continue to test and iterate SPT  If you would like for your company to join the testing, let Stokes know, and he can work with your team to get set up. This video walks you how to gain access to SPT.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you for your continued support!

Thank you!

The MindForge Team