MindForge Update No. 8 / by Stokes McIntyre

Hope you are having a great summer so far. Here’s the June MindForge Update.

MindForge Platform

The platform team has been working hard to get SiteSmart functionality in place and SiteSmart is now live on mindforge.studio. SiteSmart allows contractors to set up Jobsites to manage workforce training and communications for specific construction projects.

We are also implementing user experience designs that will make MindForge more user friendly. You can see some of these new designs in the latest release. Design implementation is a work in progress. As we march towards the end of the year you’ll see more of these designs implemented.

Screenshot 2018-06-25 17.26.26.png

Also, with this new release, more pages are mobile friendly. This feature will allow workers to interact with MindForge using their smartphones while in the field.

We are still targeting September 2018 to deliver all of the platform’s baseline functionality. In the final quarter of 2018, we’ll be working on enhancements and ecommerce.

We encourage you to visit mindforge.studio, setup a profile and poke around in the application. Here are some videos that walk you through how to set up an organization page and accept an invite.

How to Create an Organization

How to Accept Invite From Organization

We’ll be reaching out to the design partners to conduct functionality testing.

CLS Safety Awareness (CLS SA)

CLS SA is our training program that teaches workers how to be more situationally aware. The program focuses on making the OODA loop a habit and reinforcing a worker’s safety knowledge. CLS SA adheres to The Construction LifeSaver training concept that we’ve developed based on our research. You can read more about the CLS concept here:


The CLS SA program is comprised of videos, quizzes and the OODA simulator. The OODA simulator places the worker into a virtual job site and asks them to step through the OODA process where they will observe their environment, orient to hazards they see, decide how to mitigate them and then act to make the safety changes needed. Once users go through the OODA, they will get feedback on their actions…did they make the job site safe or not? This program is targeted for mobile devices but will also be available in VR.

We are currently wrapping up a proof of concept for the OODA Simulator and we’ve completed prototypes for the general knowledge and Working at Heights videos.

We aim to release modules for 8 Life Saving Commitments by the end of 2018 and then modules covering 4 more Life Saving Commitments in 2019.

We’ve started with the CLS SA Working at Heights Module as our prototype. This prototype is 57% complete with a delivery date in August. We’ll make this prototype available for testing and feedback.


Signal Person Training VR (SPT)

We are working towards a First Release of SPT that we aim to launch before the end of 2018. The First Release will contain the content necessary to help a worker pass both the written and practical NCCCO Signaler Certification Exams.

Content for the First Release is 80% complete. 29% of SPT is shippable at this point. With each new scenario our development team is learning how produce scenarios more quickly.

Some of the new SPT scenarios that are coming online teach signalers about wind effects, two-blocking, crane radius and drift.

Screenshot 2018-06-25 17.07.59.jpg
Screenshot 2018-06-25 17.18.47.jpg
Screenshot 2018-06-25 17.10.55.jpg
Screenshot 2018-06-25 17.08.43.jpg

One of the things that we’ve learned through testing is that not only can SPT help workers become proficient, safe signalers and help them pass the certification exam, SPT can also be used as a check out tool to onboard new workers on a job site. Some signalers bring “signal slang” onto job sites. SPT can be used to “check out” experienced signalers on the OSHA standard signals to insure standard signals are being used on site.

Two design partners, Pepper and Pankow, are actively testing SPT and we are receiving great feedback from them. We are very grateful for their input. This feedback helps us to improve the SPT experience as we move through development. If you would like for your company to join the testing, let Stokes know and he can work with your team to get set up. This video walks you how to get access to SPT. http://www.constructionlifesaver.live/spt-access

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. 

Thank you for your continued support!

The MindForge Team