MindForge Update VII / by Stokes McIntyre

I hope you have been well. 
MindForge has been cranking. Here are some updates. 

MindForge Platform

The personal profile, organizational profile, training library and messaging functionality is now live on mindforge.studio. We are currently testing additional functionality on our development site that includes jobsite management and calendaring through site-smart. As we test the new functionality we’ll be moving it to the public site. The public site is now mobile friendly! 

Here are a few specific platform items we’ve been working on that will be coming soon to the public site:

  • The ability to search certifications that have been uploaded to profiles. For example, you can conduct a search for a certified signal person in your organization and see profiles of individuals with the signaling certification. 
  • We are working on a function to set training requirements for a particular job site. For example, you could tell mindforge that everyone on a certain job needs to have OSHA 10. MindForge will tell you who doesn’t meet the requirement and send a notice the worker they need to either update their profile if their OSHA 10 is current or go take the course. 
  • We are developing job site announcements that you can send to all workers on the job or just groups of workers, including sub-contractor workers. 

If you are interested in testing out the mindforge platform with some of your workforce, you can start by watching this video on how to set up an organization and invite your employees. Link to video http://www.constructionlifesaver.live/how-to-create-an-org

CLS Awareness

CLS Awareness is a training program that focuses on teaching the OODA Loop in the context of the Life Saving Commitments. The intent of the training is to focus attention on the Life Saving Commitments and to make the OODA Loop a habit. If the training does what it’s intended, workers will be more aware on the job and more likely to spot and mitigate a hazard before it has a chance to injure them or a co-worker.  In this program, users will be placed in a virtual environment where they must identify hazards and decide how to mitigate them. 

Our first delivery will be of a prototype that includes introductory videos and the Working at Heights track. The prototype is 41% complete and we expect to have the full prototype available for testing in august. CLS Awareness will be available on mobile devices and Rift’s new Oculus Go VR headset . The Oculus Go can be purchased for $199.

Signal Person Training VR

We are two weeks away from delivering our SPT VR prototype. At that time, we will begin an effort to test CLS SPT VR on actual job sites. The prototype consists of a technical intro that teaches the user how to use the virtual reality controllers, a PPE introduction where the user must put on PPE, the Hand Signal Lesson and 5 scenarios where the user can practice signaling cranes. 

One scenario teaches about drift and asks the user to use signals to help a crane operator mitigate drift. Another scenario asks the signaler to signal from a personnel basket while being hoisted by a tower crane. 

After we’ve completed all of the SPT content, we aim to have SPT be a means to certify signalers. In the short term, we’d like to test the idea of using the SPT prototype as means to quickly train workers on the standard hand signals or give workers that already know the hand signals, a check ride if they are a employee or sub. SPT VR is currently only available for the Oculus Rift. We’ve schedule work to add support for the HTC Vive.

If you’d like to have your company, try out SPT VR you can do so by following the instructions in this video. Link to video: http://www.constructionlifesaver.live/spt-access

Other Updates

We recently hired a game designer - Cayla Ford - to translate training content into interactive designs that will play out in our virtual simulators. 

We are adopting the Lean Startup methodology described in the book Lean Startup by Eric Ries. The idea is to get early prototypes into the hands of customers to have what Ries calls “validated learning” moments to move the products towards adoption. MindForge won’t have an impact on safety if we can’t get people to adopt what we are building. As design partners, you will play a very important role in getting the essential feedback we need to create products that will make a difference. 

Thank you for your continued support! 

Stokes, Shahin and the MindForge Team