MindForge Update VI / by Stokes McIntyre

I hope you are having a great 2018 so far. We have been busy here at MindForge Studios. Here’s what we’ve been up to:  

CLS: Signal Person Training VR (SPT) 

Move Slowly - Hoist.jpg

We are very close to completing a prototype for this product. The prototype consists of an introduction to the VR controllers, an introductory lesson on standard hand signals, and three scenarios where the learner will get to practice their hand signal skills on a virtual job site.  

After completing the prototype, we will begin testing the prototype to get feedback on the user experience. We will analyze the feedback and use it to improve the training program in a way that offers the best training for your workforce. Iterating the prototype will help us develop a “playbook” that we can use to roll out the remainder of the Signal Person Training curriculum. Much of what we learn from developing Signal Person Training will translate to our other course content such as CLS: Working at Heights.  Here's a video that gives you a glimpse of our prototype in progress:

CLS: Working at Heights (WaH) 

Towards the end of the last year, MadPow delivered content and a “playbook” for CLS: Working at Heights. We are in the process of translating MadPow’s deliverables into technical requirements. We aim to start producing CLS: WaH next month. We are excited to leverage much of what we’ve learned with SPT to produce a risk-based Working at Heights training program that has impact on the ground.  A foundation of the CLS program is the OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act), therefore observation practice will be at the core of the CLS WaH experience. Our first step, will be to prove out the technology and approach to allowing the user to make these observations. 

MindForge Platform

In addition to focusing on new forms and approaches to training, we aim to take on another major theme throughout the construction industry. This would be the lack of a streamlined system to track, distribute, and validate employees on the job have been properly trained. To solve this and provide easy access to our training programs, we have created a platform called MindForge. MindForge is a distribution platform for professional training and management applications. It provides individuals, groups, and companies with access to a diverse library of certifications, courses, tools and analytics. 

The MindForge Platform team has been rapidly adding functionality to the platform and it’s exciting to see it come together. Some of the functionality we’ve added includes: 

  • Profiles for both individuals and organizations. 

  • The ability for an organization to invite an individual to join their organization. This gives the individual access to training only available to those connected to the company.  

  • The ability for an organization to upload and assign training content to individuals. 

  • Support for VR content. 

  • Platform tracks progress and completion of content. 

Here’s a full list of functionality we aim to deliver by the end of 2018.  

We are working with a design firm, Iron Creative, to further develop the user experience and the look and feel of the platform.  Here's a video where Shahin walks you through our progress on the MindForge Platform:

Requirements Gathering

As we move through our development process, it is important that we continue our effort to more deeply understand the construction environment, how training is implemented, and the challenges that contractors face when managing projects, safety training and front-line workers. We'll be contacting our Design Partners in the coming weeks to set up requirements discussions. We thank you in advance for your input.


A big thanks goes out to Dave Murphy and Mike Alder of Pepper who introduced us to Purdue’s Envision Center. The Envision Center received a grant from OSHA to build a VR Working at Heights Training Module. To help the cause, we are providing the Envision Center with 3D assets they need to help them finish the course. As part of the partnership, MindForge will distribute Purdue’s VR Training modules which will be available to all Users on the Platform. This will allow MindForge to test delivering third party content and allow Purdue to manage their VR training content in a more streamlined manner.  

The MindForge Team

At this point, we are fully staffed except for one role - game designer. Our team is divided into four pods:  

The team hard at work!

The team hard at work!

  • Client Pod (responsible for engineering the training simulators).  

  • Creative Pod (responsible for designing the training simulators).  

  • Platform Pod (responsible for building the MindForge platform).  

  • Operations Pod (responsible for the tactical and strategic tasks leading to product deployment).  

We strictly adhere to the agile development methodology and we are working hard to build out systems and processes that will allow us to produce quality work, rapidly. The full team has only been together for a couple of months, but we are already starting to see great synergy and productivity. The team is very passionate about the opportunity to reduce injuries and save lives.  

All the Best, 

The MindForge Team