MindForge Update No. 14 / by Stokes McIntyre


Stokes and Shahin recently spent a day in Indianapolis, onboarding members of Pepper Indiana to the MindForge platform. Thank you, Dave Murphy and Pepper Indiana! Different people across an organization will interact with the platform. So, Stokes and Shahin met with an HR Lead, the Marketing and Internal Communications Director, a superintendent, a labor foreman, and a carpentry foreman to help them create MindForge profiles and show them how to interact with the platform. As we enter our testing phase, we hope to receive valuable feedback on how well the platform fits the needs of people in different roles throughout an organization. To help new users get accommodated to the platform, we’ll also be sending out training exercises that show them how to take advantage of different features on mindforge.studio. Through these exercises, we’ll be able to track how easily the platform is adopted and see the various ways managers and frontline workers use the site. We hope to begin onboarding other design partners in the new year, so reach out to Stokes at Stokes.M@IRMI.com if you’re interested in taking part!

We’ve also begun exploring ways to package features of the platform in order to sell feature bundles to groups that might use mindforge.studio to fill different needs. Here’s a link to a worksheet that outlines our three initial packages: MindForge Platform Capabilities Packages


Our first efforts to deliver the MindForge platform as a mobile app are well-underway. This initial push is focused on being able to sign in, create and update your user profile, and to take pictures of your certifications and upload them. This will provide workers with easy access to their profiles and allow them to update their profiles effortlessly.

CLS Safety Awareness

We recently released a new version of CLS Safety Awareness that includes updates to how we bundle our 3D assets, making the simulations run faster on your device. We continue to refine our simulations for the remaining seven Life Saving Commitments that we plan to produce, and we have now recorded and re-recorded all our video lessons, utilizing all the helpful notes and feedback we’ve received from our first release. We are now editing these videos and also gearing up to shoot the remaining story videos that tell about real lives lost and otherwise affected by Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIFs) on the job site. So, keep an eye out for new content and other updates within CLS Safety Awareness as we enter the new year.

Also, be on the lookout for the CLS Safety Awareness app to hit the Apple App Store and Google Play as we begin the process of deploying the training through those sites.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s our newest promo video for CLS Safety Awareness!

CLS Signal Person Training:

The full suite of hand signal lessons is now available in CLS Signal Person Training! That means if you are set up with SPT, you have access to the introductory hand signal lesson and drills; the practice lessons where you get to use the hand signals to help you perform different tasks, deal with crane limitations, and handle hazardous scenarios; and our checkout mode that administers a rapid-fire test to see how well you know the standard hand signals. Many of you already have access to CLS Signal Person Training, so test it out and let us know what you think!

CLS Personal Fall Arrest System:

The first pass of CLS Harness is complete. We are now working on refinements as we push toward a prototype to release in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, CLS Lanyard is getting underway. This training module will be divided into three segments. The first will teach users about the different lanyards they could encounter on the job and discusses various connectors. Next, users will learn how to properly inspect a lanyard before putting it to use. Lastly, they’ll work on free fall and fall clearance distance calculations, and they’ll get a chance to practice selecting the proper lanyard for the job in a virtual environment.

Future products currently in the design phase include CLS Anchor Point and the CLS PFAS Test that will incorporate information from all three modules and provide the CLS PFAS Certification to those who pass.

Other News:

Our newest team member is set to join us on December 17. Garrett Rumschik is our Junior Developer/QA Analyst; he will be responsible for constantly testing all our products to ensure quality.

In addition, we are beginning a new experiment with Trivie. Trivie is a group that creates quizzing apps that make use of artificial intelligence to help learners retain knowledge. We would like to work with one of our design partners to test this initiative. If any of you would be willing to send our quiz to 50-100 of your workers, we would like to use Trivie to get a baseline understanding of workers’ knowledge about working at heights over the course of 30 days. From what we find through this study, we will be able to shape our training to focus on the areas of greatest need. Please contact Stokes.M@IRMI.com if you would like to help with this effort.

Finally, we want to wish you all well this holiday season! We are thankful for all of you and are excited to continue working with you into the new year!

All the best,

The MindForge Team