MindForge Update No. 13 / by Stokes McIntyre

CLS Personal Fall Arrest System:

As we race toward the first full releases for our Construction LifeSaver Safety Awareness and Signal Person Training courses, we’ve started developing the newest course in the CLS suite: Construction LifeSaver Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS). This course will be broken down into three discrete courses - CLS Harness, CLS Lanyard, and CLS Anchor Point. Workers will be able to take any one of these courses in order to receive a CLS certification in a given sub-topic. Then once workers go through all three courses, they will have the opportunity to pass a final PFAS test in order to gain their CLS PFAS certification.

Currently, we are building out the CLS Harness course, which teaches workers how to select the right harness for the job, how to inspect a harness for damage, and how to properly don and wear a full body harness. Our CLS virtual instructor, Sam, returns to lead workers through their training, while workers also get a chance to practice what they learn by interacting with a 3-D model of a harness in the training environment. CLS Lanyard and CLS Anchor Point will pick up where CLS Harness leaves off to take workers through the proper selection, care, and use of the remaining two components of any personal fall arrest system.

This is the first product we will be releasing on both mobile and virtual reality platforms. It also leads us into a new phase of production at MindForge, where we focus on rapid iterations of new training programs. As we’ve worked on Safety Awareness and Signal Person Training over the last year, we’ve developed our processes and faced the challenges of creating long-form courses aimed at standardized certification. Now, we’re taking all we’ve learned and putting it in service of making smaller training courses that we can get out faster in order to save lives sooner. Breaking these courses down into bite-size chunks helps us to do just that.


The MindForge Platform team is prepared for the anticipated wave of new users coming in as we onboard design partners into the system. We are ready to address any issues and adapt the Platform to better meet user needs as feedback filters in. If you haven’t yet built your company profile, you can do so by going to mindforge.studio. If you have questions about setting up a profile, contact Stokes at Stokes.M@IRMI.com.

Behind the scenes, the Platform team continues to expand course functionality so that organizations may add multiple files to a single course and group multiple courses into a course collection that they can then assign to team members. For example, if an organization has multiple training courses for new hires, they can group those courses into a collection, give it a name like “Onboarding Training,” and assign it to new team members all at once.

CLS Safety Awareness & CLS Signal Person Training:

As mentioned above, we are pushing towards our first full release for both SA and SPT in an effort to get these courses in the hands of workers and safety professionals to test efficacy and receive user feedback. Much of the work we’re doing right now involves filling out the last bit of course content, recording new videos, and polishing everything so the courses run smoothly and function properly. Keep an eye out for updates about new releases coming soon!

Other News:

Stokes and Shahin just wrapped up the IRMI Construction Risk Conference, where they had a booth set up to showcase the MindForge product line. This capped off a busy few months of attending and speaking at various construction safety conferences. So far, we’ve received positive feedback and also feedback that helps us focus our efforts. It’s been an exciting run these last couple months, and we’re looking forward to keeping the momentum going with new products and continued interaction with the men and women we serve.

Last year we worked with a behavioral research firm called MadPow to help us understand the best ways for us to shape our products to meet workers’ needs. At this year's Construction Risk Conference, IRMI released a report showcasing findings from MadPow’s research. This report outlines a number of important principles we’ve embraced at MindForge and offers a number of insights that apply all across the construction industry. You can read the report here.

Recently, the MindForge team drafted a guide for creating high-quality in-house videos within your company or organization. Video has become an important tool for organizational communication, and there are a few simple tips and tricks we’d like to share with you to help your efforts. You can read this guide here.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions!

Thank you,

The MindForge Team