MindForge Update No. 11 / by Stokes McIntyre

Hope you all have been well. Here’s an update for you.

CLS Safety Awareness:

We’ve completed the prototype for CLS Safety Awareness on both Android and iOS. The prototype includes introductory lessons that cover everything from basic psychology to workers’ rights, and it includes our working at heights training.

CLS SA is a mobile app that aims to improve workers’ situational awareness on the job site. Instruction takes the form of short video lessons, quizzes, and micro-documentaries telling true stories about job site fatalities. The training culminates in an OODA Loop simulator where workers will have to Observe an active job site, Orient to deadly hazards, Decide how to respond, and Act to mitigate each hazard. CLS SA targets eight of the deadliest hazards in the construction industry: Working at Heights, Excavations, Hazardous Energy, Caught-Between Hazards, Struck-By Hazards, Confined Spaces, Mobile Equipment, and Securing Loads.

For our prototype, we have recorded a number of the test videos that provide lesson content. By the end of October, we will re-record these with revised scripts and higher production value, and we’ll shoot the rest of our lesson videos to fill out our training. Currently, we are also creating the quizzes and OODA simulators for the remaining seven hazardous situations.

We are excited to put our prototype in the hands of safety professionals and front line workers for testing. Of primary interest is seeing how well the training resonates with front line workers and learning if safety professionals would be comfortable assigning this training to their teams. If you are interested in testing CLS SA, please email Stokes McIntyre at Stokes.M@IRMI.com.

CLS Signal Person Training:

In recent weeks, we have added another scenario to our CLS Signal Person Training to explain the dangers of dynamic unloading. In the coming weeks, we aim to add several more scenarios that introduce workers to taglines, capacity charts, side-loading, and more. We’re also in the process of adding a checkout mode that will allow companies to quickly test how well their signalers know the standard hand signals. Signalers will be asked to recall each of the signals on the spot, and their supervisors will get the results showing what signals they got right and which ones they got wrong.

Our developers have finished implementing crane destruction throughout our training, which means if you push the crane past its operational limits, the crane will come crashing down right in front of you. This functionality allows us to take full advantage of the virtual reality environment, where we can show destructive forces at work without endangering workers or racking up massive costs. We’ve also just implemented a new menu system that will allow trainees to navigate through their training, find help, and access pertinent information with greater ease.

All these new features are available on CLS SPT now. If you already have access to SPT, check out our improvements and let us know what you think. If you don’t have SPT but would like to test it out, you can once again email Stokes McIntyre at Stokes.M@IRMI.com.

One other exciting piece of VR-related news is that Oculus has announced they’ll be releasing a new wireless VR system called the Oculus Quest in 2019. The Oculus Quest does not require a computer to run applications, so it could prove to be much easier and more cost-effective for us as we look to deploy virtual reality training on job sites. We can’t wait to take advantage of these new developments.


The base functionality of the MindForge Platform is now live! We invite you to visit mindforge.studio to set up your company profile.

For our part, we are ready to set dates to onboard your company. Shahin and Stokes can visit your company for half a day to help you get set up. Contact Stokes at Stokes.M@IRMI.com to schedule a visit.

We’ve also set up this page where you can view a series of short video tutorials to get a sense of the various features you’ll be able to use through our site.

General Updates:

In two weeks, we’ll be joined by our newest MindForge team member, Mobile Developer Danny Oancea. Danny will be in charge of creating a mobile app to house the MindForge platform.

Stokes and Shahin had great discussions at the ACIG Safety Claims Meeting and the AGC of Indiana Safety Technology Forum this past month. Industry professionals nationwide continue to express excitement about all that MindForge is doing and the many possibilities we can explore in the coming years.

As we get closer to hitting our delivery goals we grow more and more enthusiastic about seeing our products in action and receiving feedback about where we can go next.

Thank you for your continued support!

The MindForge Team