MindForge Update No. 12 / by Stokes McIntyre

Here’s another quick update from the MindForge team!

CLS Safety Awareness:

We recently released an update for the Safety Awareness app. The new build includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements, mostly aimed at improving video streaming quality and speed.

Behind the scenes, we continue to build out new lessons to add to our existing prototype, which for now includes introductory videos and quizzes as well as a full lesson on Working at Heights. The new lessons will touch on seven other deadly hazards ranging from Hazardous Energy to Confined Spaces to Struck-By Hazards. We will also record new videos for the existing lessons very soon, so be on the look-out for those.

Remember, we are looking for safety professionals and frontline workers who are interested in testing CLS Safety Awareness. If you’d like to see what we’ve built and give us your feedback, please email Stokes McIntyre at Stokes.M@IRMI.com.

CLS Signal Person Training:

Five new lessons are now available for Signal Person Training! These cover a wide range of subjects, including boom deflection, taglines, side loading, rated capacity, and moving the crane while dealing with unsafe ground conditions. Each lesson teaches users what they need to know about one of these topics by giving them hands-on experience in our virtual reality environment. Ultimately, we expect this kind of training will allow signal persons to react instinctively on the job site when hazards arise.

As we move forward, we continue to develop our Checkout mode that supervisors will be able to use to quickly test how well their signal persons know the standard signals, and we are finishing our three additional lessons, which revolve around other hazards associated with moving cranes and performing pick and carry operations.

As always, if you have access to SPT, check out our new lessons and let us know what you think. If you want to get hold of SPT so you can jump in and test it, email Stokes McIntyre at Stokes.M@IRMI.com.


Things are rolling along for the MindForge Platform, which has now been live for the last few weeks! Once again, we invite you to visit mindforge.studio to set up your company profile.

One feature we have recently been working on is adding functionality that enables team leaders to create training courses that contain multiple files and/or videos. This will help leaders make sure their team or organization can view all the information they need in one place. We are also updating how we track course completion so supervisors can get a more accurate assessment of which team members view the material.

The process of creating the MindForge Platform mobile app is underway as well. This app will give you all the same functionality of mindforge.studio on your Android or iOS mobile device.

If your company wants to join the MindForge Platform, Stokes and Shahin are eager to come to you and take you step-by-step through the onboarding process. All you need to do is contact Stokes at Stokes.M@IRMI.com to schedule a visit.

General Updates:

Shahin and Stokes had a great time visiting with The Hill Group out of Chicago to discuss implementing and testing MindForge and the CLS training programs throughout their organization and on their job sites. This comes after meeting with the Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) in Las Vegas to tour their training facility and discuss MindForge’s various initiatives. The CITF indicated they would be open to their members creating profiles on the MindForge platform.

Up next, Shahin and Stokes are looking forward to meeting with other industry professionals at the IRMI Construction Risk Conference, which will be held November 4-7. There they will have a booth where they will be demonstrating SPT, CLS SA, and the MindForge Platform.

mannequin adjust6.png

*Sneak Peek: We’ve begun developing our next training project which takes a deep dive into the specifics of staying safe while working at heights. Our first lessons, which will be available in both mobile and VR formats, will revolve around the proper use of personal fall arrest systems. Be on the lookout for more updates in the coming weeks!

Thanks again for all you do, and let us know if you have any questions!

The MindForge Team