CLS Update III / by Stokes McIntyre

I hope you've had a great summer so far. 

It's been moving very fast over here for us on the CLS Team. There's a lot happening as we work to build a team and start work on developing our first pilot of the program. 

Here's an update:


The MadPow research project is complete and last week MadPow delivered their report on a call with a number of our design partners. If you missed the call you can view the presentation here. We are in the process of distilling the research report into actionable insights that determine how we build out the training. You can review the actionable insights here

We are also in the process of analyzing the data we collected from the Safety Insights Survey. 96 people filled out the survey. Thank you for your participation!


We’ve landed on a set of names for the products we intend to build. The training product that targets SIFs will be called Construction LifeSaver (CLS). We will be trademarking CLS as a certification. We are also building a workforce management software that we’ve named Site-Smart. We are in the process of defining the specific functionality for Site-Smart. More about that below.

Both CLS and Site-Smart will live under a banner called MindForge. BST research shows that our brains can be the biggest job hazard. With both CLS and Site-Smart we intend to forge and support strong minds that will help front line workers and supervisors stayed focused on safety and quality. 


We’ve been hard at work on the curriculum for CLS. We are close to completing a content outline for Module 5 - Hazardous Energy Sources. Module 5 will be the focus of our pilot. We’ve also kicked off conversations with MadPow to help us architect the overall training structure and behavioral modification approach. 

In the research, front line workers have said they prefer to be trained on the job and in person.  First person immersive experiences will help us get close to that type of experience. As result, we are focusing a lot of effort on VR technology that will put workers on a virtual job and allow them to practice the OODA Loop. We are not alone. Bechtel launched an immersive training simulator for it's workforce. Read more. 

We are currently interviewing candidates for our Construction Curriculum Manager. Here’s the job description. If you know anyone that would be a good candidate, send them our way! 

MindForge Development Team 

We’ve wrapped up the hiring of our MindForge Development team. We have an amazingly talented crew ready to start building CLS and Site-Smart. Here’s a snapshot of our development team.

Dean Gibson - Applications Architect with over 25 year’s experience engineering software and games. 

Shawn Nicholson - Senior Engineer with 15 year’s experience in 3D MMO gaming.

Connor Fahy - Jr. Engineer with VR experience in museum exploration/learning technology.

Tyler Wallace - Jr. Engineer in 2D/3D mobile free-to-play space.

The team will work, at first, on experimenting with Unity VR environments and user input paradigms for our three identified platforms: mobile 3d, mobile VR, and desktop VR.  Additionally, groundwork on character/avatar design and functionality within the environment and user interface (including user profiles and ZeroRisk data collection) will also be explored in the initial ramp up period of the application.

The MindForge team will work out of the Columbus office. We are working on a project to optimize our space to host a development team. You can check out pics of the office here. If you find yourself in Columbus, OH. Come see us. 

Next Steps:

With the research, complete (though we’ll always be researching) it’s time to initiate the third part of design partner scope document - Product and Business Model Validation. A big part of building the product is understanding how our users do certain things and what their pain points are so that we can build a product that is most useful to them. This is particularly true for the Site-Smart software that is intended to help companies like you manage front-line workforce. As a design partner, this is where you can be tremendously helpful. In the next few days we will be reaching out to our Design Partners to set up a requirements gathering call. this will be a 30-minute call where we ask you some questions. We’ll send out a list of questions in advance. 

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. 

Thank you for your support and input! 

All the Best,

Stokes and the MindForge Team