CLS Update II / by Stokes McIntyre

Below is latest from Construction LifeSaver. 


Behavioral research and design company MadPow wrapped up the last on site interview and delivered their findings in a comprehensive report. We are happy with the report and it will be a great asset to help us determine the best way to approach the training that will target SIFs. 

We are setting up a webinar for MadPow to present its findings to the Design Partners. We’ll be in touch to see what works best for your schedule and then will send out an invitation to the webinar. 

Our instruction designer, Julie Dirksen, is reviewing the MadPow report and we’ll be working with Julie to take the next step towards a CLS curriculum. 

As you all know - the Safety Insights Survey is under way. Thank you all for your help with this. 

ZeroRisk Assessment

One facet of our engagement with you is around the ZeroRisk profile. Our plan was to conduct some research to determine and validate a ZeroRisk profile benchmark for safe workers. 

To achieve validated results, we needed our design partners to have collected objective data around a worker’s safety and quality performance. After conversations with design partners, it became apparent that objective data around worker performance does not exist at this time.  

We’ve decided to delay the ZeroRisk study until we launch the CLS application. Our plan is to build the ZeroRisk profile into the CLS application and collect profile data as users sign up for the platform. Over time, we can explore how to pair the ZeroRisk profile data with other data to develop an accurate benchmark. Ultimately, the ZeroRisk profile will help us target workers with relevant training content and provide employers valuable intel to better position workers for better safety and quality performance. we’ll provide more detail about this later. 

Despite pushing the study to a later date, Design Partners have free access to the ZeroRisk assessment. If you’d like to learn more about take advantage of the ZeroRisk profile to support your hiring process, please contact ZeroRisk CEO / President Mike Poskey.  

CLS Team

We made our second hire for CLS - our software architect Dean Gibson. Dean has over twenty years’ experience developing games and applications with much of that development in the Unity platform. Unity is the platform on which we will build the CLS application. Among other capabilities, Unity will allow us to deliver the training via smart devices, computers, TV’s, game consoles and VR experiences. 

Dean is in the process of interviewing a lead engineer and additional developers. Once we have our development team in place we will begin building the CLS platform that will deliver the training material and functionality. 

We are currently looking for a Curriculum Manager to bring on board. You can check out the job description here. If you know anyone that fits the bill and might be interested, let us know! 

CLS Office

CLS is currently configuring an office space in downtown Columbus. The office will complete at the end of June and we’ll be ready to rock and roll. 


We are currently working on a content prototype for the training modules based on the Lifesaving Commitments. The prototype module focuses on Isolation of Hazardous Sources.  The prototype will demonstrate our approach to the training, how the content flows and how we present the material in the context of the OODA loop. We’ll be looking to get your feedback on the prototype in the near future. 

Moving Forward

Soon we will be diving deeper into the application, content and brand development. To make sure the output is relevant to you and the front-line workers we need your input. 

I’d like to propose using micro surveys - surveys with 5 questions or less - to get input on specific things we are working on. It could be that we are exploring a new name for the product, testing product ideas or looking for specific information to include in our training courses. We think that micro surveys will be the most efficient way to get quick feedback from you and your team. Occasionally we can schedule calls to discuss topics more in depth. Let me know if you have any issues with this approach. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. 

We appreciate your participation! 

All the Best,

Stokes and the CLS Team