CLS Update I / by Stokes McIntyre

Design Partners:

I am writing with an update on the Construction LifeSaver Project. We very much appreciate your participation in this project and we look forward to working together to try and pick the lock on reducing Serious Injuries and Fatalities. 


Right now we are focused on research that will help us define our training curriculum. We’ve wrapped up 2 of 3 on site interviews with Design Partners Haskell and Nabholz. Next week, the research team will be in Los Angeles on a Pankow site. Behavioral design firm - MadPow out of Boston - is conducting the research for us. After interviewing approximately 45 front line workers, Mad Pow process the data using a method called the Com-B model. Processing the data will help us define “interventions” or lessons that we can create to address specific behaviors that lead to SIFs. 

We are also putting the finishing touches on a behavioral insights survey that we can deliver on online. We developed this survey with the assistance of MadPow. We’ll be connecting with you soon to get your feedback on the survey and discuss how we might roll out the survey to front line workers. The data we gather through this survey will be instrumental in helping us build training with increased efficacy. 

Another aspect of the research revolves around building the ZeroRisk Profile into our course logic system. The ZeroRisk Profile is based on the science of formal axiology. Axiology is the scientific system of identifying and measuring value. The ZR Profile is one means by which an individual person's propensity and capacity to value may be measured. It is the person's structure of value (the road map and filtration system a person uses to think, evaluate, and make decisions) that results in personality, individual perceptions, and decisions. In common parlance, a person's structure of value is how that person thinks, or their emotional intelligence. 

To make sure we put the ZeroRisk profile to best use, we will be conducting a Construction Industry Safety and Quality Study that helps us objectively define safety and quality benchmarks. 

As a Design Partner you have free access to the ZeroRisk assessment. If you’d like to learn more about take advantage of the ZeroRisk profile to support your hiring process, please contact ZeroRisk CEO / President Mike Poskey.  

Course Content

We continue to work with ACIG and our Instruction Designer Julie Dirksen to research and develop course content based on the 12 Life Saving Commitments, SIF Precursors and other SIF related research. 

CLS Team

The Construction LifeSaver Project made its first hire in January - bringing on board Shahin Aftabizadeh. Shahin is a digital project manager who lead software development teams at JP Morgan, Rolls Royce and Deutsch Bank. Shahin has a background in cultural anthropology and worked for the State Department. Shahin knows how to drive technology projects, has a good grasp of cultural nuance and has worked and trained for dangerous environments. All of these attributes make him great person to help us move the Construction LifeSaver Project forward. We are excited to have him on board. 

We are currently recruiting a dedicated software development team that will sit in our Columbus Office and focus on building the Construction LifeSaver technology platform. 

CLS Technology

We’ve developed a roadmap to get the CLS product to minimum viable product (MVP) stage. The first stages of the build will focus on the platform that will help us deliver our training content. The platform will be built using a software environment called Unity - which is used to build and distribute some of the most popular video games. Unity provides us an amazing amount of flexibility - allowing us to deliver our content and applications to a multitude of platforms including phones, tablets, desktop computers and video game consoles. Unity allows us to collect and manage data and gives us room to grow our training from simple interactions to a virtual 3D experience. We look forward to demonstrating our technology. 

Thank you again for being such an important part of this mission. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions. 

All the Best,

Stokes and the CLS Team